The mission of Bethesda Springs Farm is to be a haven for teen girls and young women needing a safe place to live.


By inviting teen girls and young women into a Christ-centered family on a farm setting, and engaging them in the daily work and play of farm life, we anticipate healing hope and wholeness in their lives. Following the example of Jesus, as found in John 5, we recognize the value of each life and desire that each one be healed and empowered to live through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Family -Life on the farm happens in the context of family. God’s plan of being included in a loving functioning family plays a large role in the lives of children and teens to grow and develop into who God created them to be.

Farm Life -Working outside and interacting with animals provides an opportunity to learn responsibility and the satisfaction of a job well done, while gaining knowledge and appreciation for God’s creation.

Outdoor Recreation -Cultivating love for God’s creation and playing outside is a big part of life on the farm.

Life Unplugged -In today’s media and technology filled world everyone, especially children and teens, need a chance to be away from all kinds of personal electronics to experience quietness and have down time to process.

Cooperation –We seek always to cooperate and not compete with other ministries and organizations.

Located just outside of Selinsgrove, PA.

Bethesda Springs Farm operates as a non-profit organization under Steeple To People Ministries (located in Honey Brook, PA). Our board members are Merv Petersheim, Cliff Stoltzfus, Nelson Gingerich, Jim Zimmerman, Miriam Martin and Dan Lapp.


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