A Chapter Closes

Dear Friends,

I write to tell you of what’s happening at Bethesda Springs Farm. We are in the midst of great change and transition. In May Nelson stepped down from his position as director. A few different things factored into our decision but mostly because our young family, Seth is 3 yrs old, Trisha is 1, and Lord-willing, Baby B will be making an appearance in about 4 weeks! It was quite an intense Spring and we quickly realized that the responsibility of Director was too much for us to carry at this time!

Nevertheless, the Farm is NOT CLOSING! The heart of the board is to continue forward ministering to hurting teen girls. The ministry is in a waiting period as the Board searches for a new director and staff to move forward. Please intercede on behalf of the ministry. The need for Jesus and His Love is very real!



As for the Beachy’s? We are hoping to move into the little town of New Berlin about 10 miles from Selinsgrove. We treasure our time at the Farm, though it has been very hard at times, we are grateful for the opportunity to have served at Bethesda Springs Farm.




Nelson & Jess Beachy

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Hello from the Farm Family at Bethesda Springs Farm! We are excited about Springtime coming! Are you? It wasn’t till we felt the warm sunshine the other day that really made us antsy for warm weather! The days of hauling wood and bundling up for chores are coming to an end for this winter season!

It’s been rather intense around here lately. God has been doing some wonderful redemption in our hearts but it’s not been without a fight! God has proven Himself so faithful at daily providing the energy and wisdom we need. There definitely were times when I had to claim the promise that God provides for me what I need for Today and not for Tomorrow’s worries.  I think we all have learned about surrendering and giving up control in our lives. Please pray for us as we continue to fight for freedom in the lives of the young women at the Farm. We ask specifically for so much wisdom and discernment for what’s going on and the ability to talk about it in love. For our Farm Family devotions we are watching a DVD series titled “Experiencing Father’s Embrace” by Jack Frost. It is wonderful teaching on abiding in Father’s unconditional love! It’s been life-changing for all of us.  

A big thank-you to the Heisey family who put on a volley ball tournament fundraiser for the Farm. It brought in a little over $1700! Thanks to all who donated time and food to make this a success! We are grateful for the way God has so faithfully provided for the Farm financially.

Nelson and I are anticipating taking our mentors away next weekend for a staff retreat! They definitely deserve it! Tiersha and Laura have poured themselves in the lives of the girls here at BSF and it is making a difference in their lives! We look forward to times of sharing, laughing, and getting rejuvenated! Thank you all who have donated financially towards this to make it possible. Please pray for the weekend. It has been in the past that when we try to do things like this  something comes up at the Farm that makes it hard to get away or distracting while we are away. Pray also for the weekend staff who will be covering for us while we go.

Here is a list of our current needs:

  • 2 full-time mentors
  • Front loader HE washer
  • Kitchen oven
  • Couches
  • 2 flat-screen DVD players and stands
  • 3 point hitch blade/snow plow
  • Rakes/ shovels
  • A car battery charger
  • 4 sets of bunk beds
  • Fire wood

If you would like to donate any of these items or finances toward a specific item, please contact Nelson at or 570-374-9068. Tax deductible donations can be made online at or  be mailed to Steeple to People Ministries PO Box 28 Honey Brook PA 19344. Checks should be written out to Steeple to People Ministry with a note specifying it for Bethesda Springs Farm. BSF is a non-profit ministry operating under Steeple to People Ministry.

Thanks again to those of you who have supported us financially and with prayer! We couldn’t do it without you!


Jess for the Beachy’s

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A Snowy Greetings!

We are enjoying the winter weather here at the Farm. Although, I think most of us are ready for summer, sunshine, and lots of warmth! This cold weather has kept us busy hauling wood, shoveling snow and generally trying to keep warm in the big ‘ole Farm House!



The other day when it warmed up to a mighty 38 degrees Nelson and some of the girls went on a short trail ride in the woods. It was an Adventure!


We continuing to search for a second full time mentor. Do you know someone who might be interested? Please email me their contact info!

A huge thank you to the generous financial contributors! Without your support we would not be able to serve the hurting young ladies who come to the Farm for help. God bless you!

Please continue to pray for us. Pray especially for our staff (Tiersha Heisey and Laura Beachy) as they are giving 110% despite being understaffed. Pray for renewed energy to continue serving the young women with wisdom and much love!  Send them a note of encouragement to brighten their day! The address here is:

Bethesda Springs Farm
1575 Old 522
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Enjoy your day! Blessings to you from Bethesda Springs Farm!

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Staff Opportunity

Dear Friends,
I’m writing because of a very great need we have at Bethesda Springs Farm. It has been extremely difficult for us to find another full time mentor. In the coming month 4 young women will be joining our Farm Family. Currently we have one full time mentor and one part time mentor. In order to give these committed mentors a break, we would like to find mature single women or married couples who would be willing to serve as short term staff over the weekends. It will be a wonderful opportunity to get a taste of Farm life if you are unable to commit for an extended time. We are hoping to use this as a short term solution to us being short staffed. Even if you can help occasionally we would be grateful for your help.

Weekend staff will arrive Friday afternoon to receive instructions from the mentor going off duty. They are then responsible to oversee meals for the weekend and the evening activities. Evening activities might include games or crafts or projects the girls are working on. Saturday is an opportunity to get to know the girls, hanging out and doing things around the Farm. Sunday morning they go along to church. The afternoon would again be fairly relaxed. Weekend staff stay Sunday night until another mentor arrives to take their place.

Sound like something you are interested in? Feel free to call or email us. Our number is 570-374-9068 or email Please share this post with friends or couples who you think would like to serve in this way.

Thanks for your consideration!!

Nelson & Jess

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Farm Family Christmas

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with our Farm family. What fun. We started out with some scrumptious cinnamon rolls and coffee with cheerful music playing in the background. Nelson read us the story of Christmas from Seth’s Jesus book.

DSC_0449 DSC_0450

Then we each handed out our gifts. Starting with the youngest we all took turns opening our presents. This took a delightfully long time. 🙂



At last the gift opening was finished and the wrapping paper cleaned up.We gathered in the dining room to eat breakfast; a yummy omelette loaded with meat and cheese, French toast, and orange slices…all in our pj’s. 🙂

We ended our morning with a blessing time for Alissa. Today was her last day at the Farm. Blessing time is always very special and close time for the Farm family. We will miss her so much!


Remember that smoldering fire I mentioned in an earlier post? Well, it’s looking very promising that our Farm family will be expanding by 4 more young women!!! Wow! One joined us yesterday, and quite possibly 3 more between now and mid-February. Please join in praying for us as we all adjust and fight for the hearts of the  hurting young women who come for healing.

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Online Donations!!

I am very excited and pleased to announce that you can now donate to the Farm online! Here is an overview of our expenses and how you can help us out financially.

Our basic operating cost is approximately $1,520 per month.

  • Utilities: $200
  • Trash removal: $50
  •  Heat: $185
  •  Vehicle insurance: $85
  •  Groceries: $200
  •  Director’s salary: $800.

Total: $1520

There are also ongoing expenses for repairs and supplies. The horsemanship program costs about $165/month to operate. The expenses include hay and grain for 4 horses and 2 ponies.

Would you consider partnering financially with the ministry of Bethesda Springs Farm? Your contribution will directly impact a young woman, possibly even making a difference for eternity.

Merry Christmas!

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Hello Winter!


It’s been rather quiet around here lately! My apologies! Lord-willing that will be different in the near future! Someone gave the analogy that the Farm is like a smoldering fire, and with a small breeze it’s going to burst into a roaring fire!

We’ve had quite a few inquiries from young women who are hurting and desperately wanting help. As we go forward in the application process please keep us in your prayers as we discern how we walk along side each one. With these applications coming in for girls who would like to live at the Farm 24/7, we are also very aware of our need for more staff. We need both a mentor and a school teacher. Do you know of a single lady or possibly an older married couple who would be interested in serving at BSF? Please give us their contact info. You can email us at

For those of you who are not familiar with Bethesda Springs Farm, here is a glimpse of what we are about.

Our vision at BSF is to ‘offer hope, healing, and wholeness through Christ.’ We accomplish this by:

  • Providing a safe home for teen girls and young women who need a place to get away from life’s struggles and to find healing from wounded hearts.
  • Showing these girls how much Jesus loves and cares for them
  • Inviting girls into a caring family atmosphere (what we refer to as our Farm Family) where they can come and be nurtured, encouraged,  and have a place to belong

We recognize and passionately believe that healing ultimately comes through relationship with Jesus. It is our desire to provide an environment where girls can experience a life-changing relationship with Him.

As our mentor’s walk daily along side of these girls and young women they strive to teach both relational skills and basic life skills.

  • How to conflict well
  • How to live in community
  • Become aware of our Heavenly Father’s daily involvement in our lives
  • Daily chores: cooking, cleaning, caring for animals
  • Learn to be open and honest about what we are feeling and how to communicate that in healthy ways


One of the things that we are excited about is our horsemanship program. This program takes a girl who is totally inexperienced with horses and step-by-step helps them to become comfortable interacting with them, learning to ride and eventually completing the program with trail riding privileges.  In teaching a girl to ride it also accomplishes several other things as well:

  • Builds self-confidence
  • Trust is built between the mentor and girl as they work together
  • Healing happens as she cares for the horse
  • Learn the responsibility of caring for an animal

Many times when a girl visits the Farm, the barn and the horses is where she wants to go first. There is an explainable bond between hurting girls and horses. Our goal is to use the program as an avenue for healing.

                      DSC_0925 0055


Blessings to you and yours during this joyous Christmas season!

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